Tuesday, January 10, 2012

River City to host Heartland Poker Tour

On March 2nd the Heartland Poker Tour will be making a stop in Saint Louis for ten days to promote its 100th event. It was last hosted by Ameristar in 2010, but the tour decided not to return due to the lack of attendance. This year, River City and Lumiere will host the event hoping to bring in poker players from all over the Midwest to showcase its poker room. River City will host the tournaments and Lumiere will run sit and go's and satellites to the Main Event. The tournament schedule is listed on HPT website. There will be several daily tournaments ranging from $100 to $230 and a $1650 Main Event entry fee. The Final Table will also be televised on Charter's network, please contact River City or Lumiere for more info.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Greatest Poker App

Has anyone downloaded the Bravo Poker App? It's one of the greatest app created for poker players that play at casinos. No more calling your local casino to find out what games are running. Now you can look up poker games on any casino that uses the Bravo poker software. About 80% of all poker rooms use the Bravo software for guest waiting list, tournament structure, dealer rotation, exc. It uses the gps satellite in your phone to find the closest casino and it displays current live games. This app is great if your traveling, you can pull up games at any city at any time of the day. You can find info about the casino, address, contact number, promotions, and tournament info. The App is free and is available for both Android and Iphone. Just go to the market and search for BravoPokerlive.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Could this be so, I hit River City's Bad Beat Jackpot

A little over 2 weeks ago, I wrote an article on the bad beat Jackpot at River City. Since the poker room's existence, local poker players could not solve the mystery in hitting the Bad Beat Jackpot, going strong for 1.5 years. At the time, it was the highest Jackpot of any of the 4 casinos. Personally, i was hoping it would go up to 400-500 thousand before anyone hit it for the 1st time. But, 220k was good enough Thursday night at 10pm when yours truly hit the Jackpot for 110k. This is how it went, I was dealt pocket 10's in the Big Blind as everyone limped for $3. Normally, i would raise in this situation but decided to see the flop cheaply. The whole night, I was always getting 2nd best, I would get Aces and KQ would out flop me for 2 pairs, so i was a little gun shy. There was 8 players at the table, a player was out at lunch and another re-buying, and 6 players called to see the flop. The flop was 10c,8d,7h rainbow, one diamond. I hit top set, but worried that i was 2nd best if someone was holding J9 for the straight. I checked and one of the players, Richard, bet out 15 or 20 dollars holding J7 of diamonds. Another player holding JQ called and i called hoping for the board to pair so i can hit my full house. Turn card was a 9 diamonds so the board was now 7h 8d 9d 10c, which was a scary board for me, knowing someone had made there hand. Rich hit a straight with his Jd7d, with a re-draw to the straight flush if a 10d hits. The other player in the hand hit the nut straight with JQ and I had my set, not looking good knowing i was behind. So i checked and Rich bet out $65 and the other player thought about it and decided to just call with the nut straight. This was very important because if he would have raised big to $165 or more, which most players in his situation would do, i would have folded knowing i was behind. So i called the $65 and the river came a 10d, which hit both Rich and I. I had quads and he had hit his straight flush. In my mind, i thought i had the nuts, not knowing there was a straight flush possibility. I was already counting my winnings when Rich bet $165 on the river and the other guy in the hand went in the tank with a straight knowing Rich had a Flush. He thought and thought for what seemed like 20 minutes as i waited excited to go all in and take down this massive pot. I looked at the board and then realized the straight flush possibility as the other player reluctantly folded his straight. I couldn't push my chips in the middle fast enough as i turned my cards over and said, "I hope you can beat me" half joking. Rich said, "I can" and turned over his Jd7d for a straight flush. There was a long pause as the tabled glanced at the board and our hole cards simultaneously as i shouted out, "That's the Bad Beat Jackpot! Bad Beat Bad Beat!" And then the whole table erupted as i jumped out of my chair in shock. Oh my gosh, I had just won 110k and Anna was sitting next to me with her jaws dropped not knowing if this was a dream. Anna and i planned on coming to River City for dinner and had no plans in playing poker. Anna had sat behind me as my chip stack declined as fast as the stock market the last few days. She complained that she was bad luck and had planned on leaving shortly as i thought about switching seats. I had moved once previously and the person who sat in my seat went on a rapid tear doubling up and cashing out a big winner. I wasn't going to let that happen in this seat, as I decided to stay, knowing that i was probably going to donate as i had done all night. I was right, i was 2nd best again, but this one was different. I lost my entire stack but being 2nd best was worth 110k.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Best Poker Room in Saint Louis

As you walk in to River City poker room, you wouldn't know that it's owned and operated by the same company as Lumiere. There is a big difference in not only the quality of the room but also in the attention to details. The room is enclosed, away from all the smoke. It's big, bright and surprisingly very quiet, no sound of the slot machines ringing in your head. Also, the dealers and supervisors have a more professional looking wardrobe that's very appealing to the eye. River City also caters to tournament players, adding a variety of tournaments at different hours. Pending gaming approval, they will host a midnight NLH tournament on Saturdays and also a PLO tournament. The tournament clock lists remaining Aces cracked, dealer rotation, and tournament payouts. Another feature is the automated announcement when blinds go up in the tournament. Lumiere will always get the crowd and the crazy action since it's located downtown, with players coming in before and after Rams and Cardinals game. But if i had my choice to play, I would drive the extra mile to play at River City.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

River City tops Bad Beat Jackpot in STL

River City is now the king of the Bad Beat. Harrahs, Ameristar, and also Lumiere Bad Beat Jackpots has all been hit and River City stands alone with a jackpot of over 220k. On September 4th, Henry Pheil dealt quads over straight flush, shortly after noon, as regulars at Lumiere shared 100k Bad Beat Jackpot. One player had stood up to use the bathroom when the Bad Beat was dealt, but was compensated by the winner of the Jackpot. River City has been opened for one and a half years and no one has cracked the Bad Beat. The question still remains, How high will River City's Bad Beat go before it's hit?

Harrahs St Louis High Stakes Cash Game

Thanks to Paul Harris, radio host for The Final Table on 590 KFNS, Harrah's Saint Louis will entertain it's first high stakes NLH poker game. It's not what you would see on the GSN network but for locals, it's a pretty big thing. The largest NLH game in Saint Louis is Lumiere's 5-10 game held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and now Saturdays. The blinds for the NLH high stakes game will be $25-$50 with a $10 ante and 15k minimum buy-in. The game will include some of the very best Saint Louis players along with players with deep pockets from the surrounding cities in Kansas and Oklahoma. The game will be held on the weekend of the 28th of October. There will be a maximum of 2 tables to keep the tables filled and also a 10-20 NLH game as a feeder. Hopefully this event brings a-lot of new faces to Saint Louis and if succesful, this may turn into a monthly event and can be huge for Harrahs. Stay tuned for updates on this event.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Casino Open 24 hours 7 days a week

Starting July 1st, Missouri casinos will be allowed to remain open for 24 hours 7 days a week.  Missouri gaming has approved this move to possibly help increase slagging revenues.  With the economic downturn, casinos all over have been hit hard.  Missouri gaming has been criticized for being the strictest state and with these changes, hopefully we can bring in more visitors.  So now you can wake up at 4am and play at your local casino.  If you do so, you might want to get checked out for a gambling problem.